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About Central Valley Classics

Central Valley Classics was established in 1992, originally as a classic car dealer. Over time we started consigning classic cars, the practice of consigning cars started to become the bulk of our business. Used Mopar parts were added for a while but the supply of parts cars dried up. I have now taken the business into the restoration direction, getting back to what I really enjoy doing. Now I still list cars on consignment to help individuals sell their cars because it is still something I like to do but it's not the heart of what this business is today. I have sold over 500 cars thru this website just since 2004 and we have sold classic cars to enthusiasts all over this country and in over 20 other countries. I can market classic cars through a number of methods.

As the restoration business grows, I will update the website as often as possible. Being a one man operations has some drawbacks. The website will constantly be evolving and you will be seeing changes as they occur. Please take a little time to look around, we hope you enjoy!

Meet the Owner

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My name is John Beneditz, the owner of Central Valley Classics. I'm one of those "car guys" and you probably won't be surprised to know that my interest in classic cars began at an early age. When I was about 7 years old, I had an uncle that lived with us after he got back from Viet Nam and worked on cars in our garage. I was always curious so I ended up running tools for him and asking questions along the way. I grew up on and around farms in Wisconsin so I learned to drive when I was old enough to reach the pedals, we had a 61 Ford pickup and I drove quite a few tractors. By the time I was 14 years old I'd purchased my first car, a 1970 Nova SS 350/4-speed. Another uncle had Mopars and I got my drivers license with his borrowed 66 Dart GT and got hooked on Mopars.

I have evolved from a budding enthusiast into an experienced restorer and eventually a classic car business owner. My early years were spent learning about cars, after college I  became a mechanic where I ended up doing service writing and managing a shop. I worked for about a year in a body shop, I learned a lot about rust repair (living in WI) and learned to paint. After moving to California I started selling cars at dealerships, there I also spent time as a manager and learned about Internet marketing of cars. After that I spent some time as a crash parts sales representative to body shops where I was recruited into writing estimates and managing a body shop for a couple years prior to getting into this business. I purchased this business in 2004, who could pass up the opportunity to have their passion as a profession?

I have owned many classics, muscle cars and rods and have restored several trophy-winning cars over the years. I really enjoy the resto-mods, these are the cars that look original but have modern upgrades so you can enjoy driving on trips. I always have an ongoing project, seems like I'm never satisfied with one until I tear it apart and put it back together again. I've found cars to be my hobby, profession, entertainment and the source of my social network... I think that's what makes a "car guy".

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