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Vehicle Inspections

Purchasing a vehicle today is not something to take lightly, there is a lot of your hard earned money at stake. Whether purchasing a vehicle from across the country or from around the world can be a toss of the dice unless you have someone that can look it over on your behalf. There are many facets to purchasing a car and we all know that one persons idea of restored isn't always the same as another's. And unfortunately there are people that aren't always forthcoming as the actual condition of the vehicle they're trying to sell.

Whether your looking at a street rod, an investment grade original or muscle car, knowing if the vehicle is what has been described is essential. There is nothing worse than paying for a car and seeing something very different than what you were expecting. With over 30 years of experience with classic vehicles, I have the necessary knowledge to let you know if that "genuine" vehicle is real or a clone, if there is hidden rust or poorly done repairs that didn't show up in the seller's pictures. I can also verify the originality of parts for those vehicles that are "numbers matching" or just verify the overall originality.

Fees vary depending on what type of inspection you need, we can do a standard inspection or the full package if you prefer. The standard inspection gives you a full vehicle description and as many pictures necessary to show all areas of the vehicle. The full package would consist of a separate report detailing part numbers and date codes for certain types of cars. Both packages include a drivability report if car can be driven. Either way you get a detailed report of condition and plenty of pictures to ensure you are getting the vehicle you are expecting. Contact us to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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