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Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use

By using this website, you accept the terms of this Agreement. Central Valley Classics reserves the right to make changes to the terms of this agreement.

The material that appears on this website is for informational purposes only. Despite all our efforts to provide accurate information, errors may appear from time to time. Central Valley Classics is not responsible for errors provided by our clients, we tell you what we know and the rest is up to due diligence on your part.

Privacy Policy: We will not sell or rent your personal information. Unless you consent, we will not use your personal information for any purpose other than that for which it is submitted. We use your personal information to facilitate replies to inquiries, use in our internal record keeping, and to process any billing related to the services we provide.

  • We may release personal information to appropriate governmental authorities under the following circumstances:
  • Where release is required by law or regulation, or is requested by a government agency conducting investigations or proceedings;
  • Where our records indicate a person or persons may be engaged in fraudulent activity or other deceptive practices that a governmental agency should be made aware of;
  • Where a person or persons communication suggests possible harm to others.

Buying and Selling Merchandise:

To Sellers:

  • You are responsible for providing accurate information describing what you list for sale. Please don't use our service to sell something that differs significantly from your description.
  • You must be prepared to sell that item at the price at which, and the terms on which, you  have listed it.
  • You must have the ability to transfer title or ownership.
  • You must provide identifying and contact information.
  • You must agree to pay the fees specified for the listing package you select, regardless of whether your item sells as a result of the listing. Listing fees are generally not refundable.

To Buyers:

  • Information about vehicles or items posted for sale on this website is supplied by the individual sellers.
  • It is the buyer's responsibility to verify any information provided by the seller. Central Valley Classics does it's best to verify the information sellers supply to us but can not guarantee this information.
  • We do inspect some vehicles in person and those vehicles descriptions are based on our 30+ year experienced opinion and are accurate as such, our opinion may differ from your opinion.
  • If we suspect fraudulent activity you will not see the vehicle listed on our site.
  • All vehicles or parts sold by Central Valley Classics are used and because of the nature of such items we sell them, "As Is".


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