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Let Us Help You Sell Your Classic Car or Truck

You set the price - You control the sale - Stays listed until it sells*


  • This is not your typical "list it and your on your own" site. I assist you with market values, selling questions, advice on payment methods and shipping contacts. I help you price your vehicle but it's ultimately up to you what to ask for it. I can take the pictures of you car either at our location or come out locally (there is a small fee for coming to you). I can also store your car at my shop while it's for sale if that is needed. I also can handle estate sales, from 2 to 10 or more is not a problem. I know how to get these cars to market and what paperwork will be needed.

  • I can list your car for sale on my site exclusively or I can run your car through an eBay auction. I have been doing auctions since 2000 and have sold cars to over 20 countries. If your goal is to sell it in a short period of time an auction is your best option.

  • The vehicle description is very important, the more information the better the I can describe your vehicle. Any history as well as documentation you have is key to getting the most for your car. Keep in mind, the potential buyer has only seen pictures so the description will help them know if it's in line with what they're looking for.

  • The upfront fees vary depending on how I list your car. Once I find you a buyer and you have a successful sale, I do get a finders fee.

  • None of your information is ever sold to third parties, see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

  • I identify and weed out scammers and thieves so you won't have to worry about fraud. I also handle the finances to make sure the funds are transferred smoothly. You keep the title to your car until funds arrive and only release it and your car when your paid by me.

  • I have sold hundreds of cars over the last 10 years, I can let you know the current market and can sell it for you.

  • * Cars listed on this site stay until sold.

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If your going to take your own pictures for listing on this site,

these picture examples give the best overall to a buyer:

example front example engine example interior example back

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